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December 9, 2013


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Magnetin was flying around the world, helping Delphine deliver gifts to all the good people when he noticed the Guardians on a remote island doing their Christmas roundabouts. "Guardiani!" He called out upon his descend to their location. He was greeted with Akomsia holding her axe towards Magnetin's face. "Hello to you, too, Aksomia."

"It's you, dragon boy. What do you want?" Akomsia said, leering at Magnetin. Pragma facepalmed.

"Presents." Magnetin held up the sack. The Guardian of Chaos quickly snatched the sack as Energeia used Pragma to smack her down, morphing as a mallet.

"Sis, please stop trying to scare those off with your axe." The Guardian of Energy pleaded.

"And don't snatch things from others." The Guardian of Matter added, smirking a bit for whacking Akomsia.

"I'm sorry about that, Mr. Magnetin." Energeia apologized for her sister's actions.

"Didn't really scare me. And please, just, Magnetin." He just shrugged it off.

"May I ask what are we gonna get this time?" Pragma asked.

"Better not be another jackass!" Akomsia remembered last year's gift from Delphine.

"Let's see..." Magnetin reached into the sack. "For Energeia, an... Aperture Science Turret?"

"Hello." The Turret greeted.

"Is that sack defected?" Akomsia asked due to the bazaar gift.

"No. The sack goes by what that being wants. I don't choose the gifts."

"I hope we can be friends." The Turret was eager to meet its owner.

"O-of course."

"For Pragma, a Nutcracker set of you, Akomsia and Energeia."

"Kind of strange of me to be wanting a wooden, nut-crushing figure of myself when I could become one." Pragma commented.

"You are a nut." Akomsia said, bluntly. "And me?"

"And for Akomsia, a jar of sugar-free gingerbread cookies?"

"I am not eating that estrogen-inducing toxin!" Akomsia growled.

"They're sugar-free, you idiot! Like sugar-free gum!" Magnetin retorted. He looked at the sack again.

"It's should be alright if they're sugar-free. Right, Pragma?" Energeia asked.

"I guess..."

Magnetin decided to grab into the sack to see what I could give him for Christmas. He pulled out his consent, Lyndis Skyscorcher. "Lyn!?"

"I'm your Christmas Gift? Oh, Magnetin, you shouldn't have. Though that was a bit weird, though." Lyn was confused for a bit with what's around.

"Fine, I'll taste test one..." Akomsia open the cookie jar only to have Chibi-Chibi pop her head out, surprising everyone.

"Chibi-Chibi!" She smiled eating a gingerbread cookie.

"Not as weird as that." Lyn took back what she said.

"Must you always eat OTHER peoples cookies?" Akomsia grumbled a bit. Everyone else chuckled a bit.
Another special Christmas short story for :iconsailorenergy: where Magnetin, himself, give gifts to the guardians.

Magnetin Darkwind and Lyndis Skyscorcher is owned by me.
Energeia, Akomsia and Pragma are owned by :iconsailorenergy:.
The Aperture Turret is owned by Valve.
Chibi-Chibi is owned by Naoko Takeuchi.
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:giggle: Really funny story you did there. :clap: :XD:

"Estrogen-inducing toxin!" That's why AKosmia don't want Energeia to eat anything sugary. :XD: But luckily for her, ChibiChibi ate all of them. :giggle:

Energeia: "Turret's cute!"

Akosmia: "By the way, dragonboy, don't scare me the next time, okay?!"
 She pauses and noticed the empty container.
"Where did that redheaded cute gal go?" (shaking the container upside down)
  "And I'm so hungry!"

What would you like me to draw for you? :D
Magnetin Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Will you be needing any references?
Actually yes, please. :)
Magnetin Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I sent you a note.
Magnetin Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I was keeping it in character for Akosmia and was doing a previous gag where you'd make comics of Chibi Chibi trying to get cookies.

Magnetin: "You were the one trying to scare me off. I just flew down."

Lyndis: "I still don't know how I got here..."

Aperture Turret: "She likes me!"

I'd like to see the ending of this.
Yep, that's fine and you did fine. ^_^

Energiea: "How do you work?" (to Aperture)

Okay, I'll think on that. :D
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