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Flying through the skies, Delphine Lightwind was flying through the skies of delivering presents again. This time with her was an elf wearing purple armor, an orc wearing aquamarine armor, a fifteen foot tall draconian wearing beige armor and another angel that resembled Delphine but the blue was black and had paler skin. They were almost done with her rounds as they came to where the Guardians were. The group touched down.

"Energeia! Akosmia! Pragma!" Delphine called out as she descended.

"Delphine!" Energeia was happy to see the blue angel again. "Merry Christmas!"

"Same to you all as well, dear," Delphine said.

"So who're they?" Akosmia asked as she drew her axe.

"Well, I'm Anita Lastum," the elf said with a southern accent as she used her magnetism to repel the axe out of Akosmia's hands, "and you should stop brandishing that thing at every turn, hon."

"Hey!" Akosmia exclaimed as her axe flew into a nearby tree.

"I am Queen Johanna Stonworth," the fifteen foot tall Draconian said. "I am the grandmother of Magnetin and Obsidian."

"A giant woman!" Energeia gasped. "You're royalty and Magnetin and Obsidian's grandmother?"

"Well, I stepped down from my throne," Johanna said. "Magnetin has the reigns now."

"It's very nice to meet you, your majesty," Energia said as she bowed.

"My, thank you, young one," Johanna said. "You are very formal."

"Cinghiale," the orc said.

"And I'm Umbra Cryptlurker. We heard all about you from Delphine."

"And we hear she was really grabby around Obsidian last year," Anita said. Akosmia stopped what she was doing and ran over in a flash.

"Obsidian!" Akosmia exclaimed. "Is she here!? I miss her so!" This earned her a whack in the head from Energeia and Pragma.

"Wow," Anita said, "hearing about her from Magnetin was one thing, but seeing her is another."

"So how are the others doing?" Pragma asked.

"Well, Magnetin and Lyndis caring for their own whelping," Delphine said.

"Really?" Energeia gasped. "They're parents!?"

"Yes, indeed, they are, little one," Cinghiale said. "Her name is Mildred Darkwind and she just been hatched."

"I hope to meet her someday," Energeia said.

"So what sort of gifts have you brought us this time?" Pragma asked.

"First off, Energeia," Delphine said as she reached into the sack.

"Hope it's not a hippo again," Akosmia said as she shuddered in thought.

"What happened?" Anita asked.

"Trust me," Pragma said with a sigh, "you don't want to know."

Delphine pulled out a bubblegum dispenser. "A bubblegum dispenser."

"How many times are you going to wish for that estrogen-inducing toxin, Energia!?" Akosmia exclaimed.

"I do wish I was older sometimes," Energeia said with a sigh, "if only just for a day."

"I was never a child," Anita said with empathy, "so I wouldn't know how that feels. Don't worry, that's sugar-free gum and produces infinite amount of gum. Like mine." She showed her own dispenser.

"Pragma," Delphine said as she reached into the sack, "a cane and matching top hat."

"Are you trying to dress him up, Delphine?" Umbra asked. "Considering your last gift to him was those glasses."

"Hey, it's what he wants," Delphine said. "Lastly, Akosmia." Delphine pulled out Obsidian Darkwind from the sack with a whelping on tow in her arms. "Obsidian?"

"Delphine?" Obsidian asked, confused at how she got pulled out of the the sack.

"OBSIDIAN!!!" Akosmia shouted.

"Oh, hell no!" Obsidian growled as she quickly handed the whelping over to Umbra and began flying as fast as her wings could carry her away from Akosmia. "Stay away from me, you over-emotional, over-protective, over-destructive crybaby!"

"Oh, come on, don't be like that, Obsidian!" Akosmia said as she chased after her with opened arms.

"How long is she going to be this time?" Delphine asked. Anita look a piece of bubblegum from her dispenser and began chewing down.

"Who knows," Pragma said with a sigh.

"But it looks like Obsidian's having fun," Umbra said with a mischievous smirk as she held the whelping in her arms.

"I hope you're joking and not planning of something," Cinghiale said with a sigh.

"Oh, why of course not," Umbra said giving an innocent smile, "what gave you that impression?"

"I can think of several," Cinghiale said.

"Well, in any case," Delphine said, "that's it."

"So who's that?" Energeia asked, wanting to see the whelping.

"Why, it's Mildred," Umbra said as she showed the whelping to Energeia.

"Wow!" Energeia gasped. "She's cute!" She held her pinkie finger out only for Mildred to grab it and place it in her mouth.

"That she is," Johanna said with a hearty laugh, "but she also has the appetite of a trencherman. Just like any Draconian before her."

"Aren't you going to help Obsidian?" Pragma asked with a sigh.

"On it," Anita said. She waited for Obsidian to touchdown once and spit her gum out onto the area were Akosmia landed, causing her foot to get stuck on the ground.

"What the!?" Akosmia exclaimed as she struggled to pull her foot free only for her to get covered to the point where she got stuck in a giant wad of gum. "I'm stuck!"

"Thank you, Anita," Obsidian said with a sigh.

"No problem," Anita said.

"Don't leave me, Obsidian!" Aksomia pleaded.

"As long as you promise to keep your hands to yourself," Obsidian said, "I'll stay for the time being."

"I will!"

"Okay, then," she turned to Umbra, "how's my little niece doing?"

"Mildred's doing well," Umbra said. "And I think she's taking a liking to Energeia."

"Uhh..." Akosmia said still stuck in the giant wad of gum, "can someone help me out of here?"

"The gum lasts for 24 hours before it starts to dissolve," Anita said. She gave a wink to Energeia to use the gum if Akosmia ever gets out of hand again to which the young guardian replied with a nod.

"Oh," Akosmia said, "well, can I see the newborn?" Umbra showed Mildred. "She's so cute!" Akosmia exclaimed as tears ran down her face. Mildred began to shiver as the cold was getting to her.

"Well, I should be taking her back to home," Obsidian said, taking her niece from Umbra. "This kind of weather is no good for a whelping and she needs feeding."

"Aww..." Akosmia was saddened.

"Best let the young one return to her parents, Akosmia," Pragma said.

"Say goodbye, Mildred," Obsidian said. She grabbed Mildred's arm and made her wave goodbye.
Umbra Cryptlurker by Magnetin
Umbra Cryptlurker
This is Umbra Cryptlurker. She is design to look like a "shadow-version" of Delphine. Her demeanor is also different, as she has a more seductive look.

She has the ability to shapeshift using the shadows into anything with little to no effort. This is her humanoid form.

Update (11/03/15)
Armor redesign.
Delphine Lightwind by Magnetin
Delphine Lightwind
This is the newest design of Delphine Lightwind.

Update (11/03/15)
Dragon Knight Armor redesign.

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